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January 31, 2020


Passage: Isa.40:28-31; Rom.10:17; Heb.10:35-38
Service Type:


2020 FASTING FELLOWSHIP    JAN. 27-FEB.16, 2020



Topic:            FAITH TO FLY                                                                  (Day 5)

Texts:             Isa.40:28-31; Rom.10:17; Heb.10:35-38


We are progressing in the journey and God’s grace has been in abundance. To Him alone be the glory.


We have considered the jealous nature of God which we are to deploy to neutralize the enemy forces at this time, and the need to be super clean to avoid His retribution as He is not a Respecter of persons. We then proceeded to matters that increase our capacity for service: Awareness (knowledge) and practice of first fruit principle. Today, we shall be looking at an incomparable and irreplaceable vehicle of the kingdom called faith (Heb.11:6).


Life can be described as a walk (2Cor.5:7), or race (1Cor.9:24-26), or likened to a flight (Isa.40:37). Everyone’s life in the kingdom is a function of the faith at work in him; for it is through faith that the kingdom principles are activated and sustained (Habk.2:4b;               Heb.10:38).


Faith (Gk – Pistis) means persuasion or credence with the idea of trust in God or His Christ. It is an art whose skill is honed/built to deliver (Heb.11:1; Rom.4:17-21; 1Sam.17:32-37). Capacity is built through hearing (information/revelation) and hearing (understanding) the word of God (Rom.10:17; 2Tim.4:13).


Faith demands that the thought be disciplined to avoid the truncation of its delivery (Pro.4:23; 23:7). Faith also demands discipline in the word (Pro.18:21; Matt.24:34) and in action (1Sam.1: 7-:10, 13-18; 2:3). Contrary actions do cancel out the effect of faith.


Fasting and Praying the Word in confidence increase/improve capacity (Mk.9:23, 29; 1Jn.5:14), but the skill is developed through training (practice)


Developed capacity enhances the level of command (Heb.5:13,14). Confession is a unit course in the programmes of faith (Rom.10:10).


Faith is a master key to GREATNESS (flight) in the kingdom (Heb.6:10,11; 10:23; 11:1-35). Because David had killed the lion and the bear, he did not hesitate to take on the giant (1Sam.17:32,36-37). It is imperative to note that if one loves the Lord and belongs to this ministry, all things have been designed to serve his betterment (Rom.8:28). Therefore, all that want to travel far and fly high should have faith.


HSCF: 138, 251

Prayer Points:

  1. 1:14, 4:1-2 - Let’s repent of our previous expressions of fear and doubt in life
  2. 1:22 - Thank God for the truth received and pledge to be a doer of the word.
  3. 37:1-10 – Exercise your faith by speaking to dry bones of your life
  4. 11:23 – Command mountain of life to move.

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