February 9, 2019


Passage: Ezekiel 35:1-6, 7-9
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God’s attribute of justice will not allow the wicked and his evils to continue to thrive, as a result he gave a prophecy against Edom, the arch-enemy of God’s people. God promised restoration for Israel while Edom will be laid desolate.

Like Ezekiel, we are going to prophesy against all the enemies of God’s people that oppose them. The blood of the innocent souls in this land are crying for God’s vengeance, therefore it is now time for them to reap what they have sown (Gal.6:7, Gen.9:6).

The Watchman’s business is to prophesy while the righteous judge uses whatever measure/method to pay everybody accordingly.


Prayer Points

  1. HSCF 1, 2 – Let us praise and worship God with understanding of who He is.
  2. 58:10-11 – Let the righteous judgment of God fall upon the wicked so that they will reap what they have sown.
  3. All those who delighted in shedding blood in this nation directly or indirectly, let God’s vengeance come upon them (Gen.9:6); Boko-Haram, Herdsmen.
  4. Lift up a lamentation against all the evil doers (the ritual murderers, kidnappers, occultic men/women, native doctors, etc), let everything on earth reject and refuse them (Jer.22:24-30).
  5. 15:32-33 – All the Agags in this nation whose swords, guns, charms, fire etc have made many childless, fatherless, widows, widowers, homeless, fugitive etc must receive a full dose of God’s judgment, as they did to others let it be done to them.
  6. There are hotels where unwary people are slaughtered for various purposes. Let the Lord expose and close down such places and get the practitioners arrested and righteously judged.
  7. Let’s prophesy divine judgment upon all those that profit through sale of human parts.
  8. Let’s pray against politicians that organize the assassination of opponents, that the Lord will sideline them, and that the law will catch up with them.
  9. Let’s pray against politicians that donate lives to get position, that God will make the fail woefully and their sins find them out.


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