February 18, 2020


Passage: Ps. 20:1-9; 27:1-5; 46:1-11; Isa. 12:2-6; 1Jn. 5:14
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Bible Text: Ps. 20:1-9; 27:1-5; 46:1-11; Isa. 12:2-6; 1Jn. 5:14 | CHARISMATIC HOUR (18/02/20)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                         BUILDING UP OUR CONFIDENCE

Texts:                          Ps. 20:1-9; 27:1-5; 46:1-11; Isa. 12:2-6; 1Jn. 5:14


Having being launched into doing exploits there is need to sustain the exploits and ensure exhaustive harvest of souls, so we shall be considering this message on Building Up Our Confidence. We will take the message under the following subtitles: (1) Confidence Defined (2) Building Up Confidence (3)   Sustaining Confidence.


(1)     Confidence Defined

In our context, confidence is defined as that sense of firmness or trust that yields boldness, self-reliance and strong assurance (cons. Acts 3:1-8; 4:18-20). Confidence in this context, drives away fear and enthrones faith.


(2)      Building Up Confidence (Jude 20)

Confidence is cultivated by receiving knowledge and using knowledge aright. The proper knowledge one has on what is divinely pronounced of him or her creates confidence (1Tim. 1:18-19; 2Tim. 1:6). When one remembers the thing which are said of one by the LORD, confidence is built, if such is a believer in the infallible word of God.


Confidence is therefore built by putting our minds in the spoken and revealed Word and will of God, and putting in our required efforts to bring them to manifestation. In the event of an apparent failure or delay in manifestation we must go ahead to be steadfast with strong assurance that in a question of time it must be as the LORD had spoken. Remember that Elijah was confident that there must be rain as the LORD has promised (1Kgs. 17:1). So when his servant told him that there was no cloud he sent him over and over again until the cloud appeared scantily, and subsequently heavily, before the heavy rain (18:42-45).


The LORD has spoken to the Watchmen, let us build up our confidence on His word, that we are ordained for exploits and so go all out to do the exploits in Jesus Name!


(3)     Sustaining Confidence (1Jn. 15:14-15)

Once confidence is built one needs to sustain it by remaining busy in the field of exploit, living right always and praying in the Holy Ghost (Jude 20). As we get busy for God, He will be the more challenged to defend His calling and His words.  There will also be more encouragement for us to work. Rather than reduce our tempo of work with time as is common with men, we should increase same instead.  Our perfection will come in our sustained effort (Lk. 13:32-33), let us therefore work today and tomorrow that we may be perfected the next day.


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