September 17, 2019

Because He Has Said It

Passage: Gen.1:26-28; 12:1-3; 25:23; 37:1-11; Num.23:18-24
Service Type:

Charismatic Hour (17/09/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                   Because He Has Said It 


Texts:            Gen.1:26-28; 12:1-3; 25:23; 37:1-11; Num.23:18-24


So many things have been said and are being said by seen and unseen, known and unknown beings. Some of those statements are known to you and some are unknown. Some are words spoken to your hearing and understanding while some are deductions from developments around and within you. Some might have been spoken before you were conceived in your mother=s womb or before you were born, but are meant to manifest now.


In all these, what should matter to you now and forever is what God has said. Saturate your heart with the words that control all the words that have been spoken or are being spoken whensoever by whosoever, for whatsoever and at wheresoever. This ultimate Speaker does not contradict Himself neither can anyone contradict Him. Let us now consider this message under the following points for greater insight: (1) Who Is This That Has Said It? (2) What Has He said  


  • Who Is This That Has Said It? (Gen.1:28; 12:1-3; 25:23; 37:5-11; Num.23:18-24)

The One Who declared man blessed at his creation and empowered him to have dominion over all other creatures, (said be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it), and has ensured this even after man fell and is under great war with and oppressions of the devil, is the One Who has said something great and comforting about you at this point in time. The One Who called Abraham out of his country, and from his kindred, and from his father=s house, unto a strange land, and promised to make him a great nation, bless  him and make him a source of blessings to all the families of the earth, and fulfilled all these to  the letter in the midst of stiff oppositions/tough weather, is the One Who has said something good again concerning the watchmen at this time. He, Who spoke about Jacob while he was yet in his mother=s womb, declaring him stronger and greater than his elder brother and redeemed it to the letter, (though his father loved his elder brother more and had planned to turn the blessings to him) is the one speaking to us. The One Who spoke to a young lad called Joseph in two dreams making him head over his brothers and brought him to that at the appointed time, in spite of his brothers= and other wicked elements= oppositions, is speaking to us again. The One Who told a hired enchanter and diviner not to waste his effort to curse a people that He has blessed, and assisted His people to conquer their adversaries, is the One Who is saying something everybody should delight to hear now. The list can continue of what He has said and how they came to pass, notwithstanding the things or beings saying the contrary. All these are meant to boost our faith to receive what He has prepared for us this time.


  • What Has He said?

That great Being called the Almighty God has said that this is the day of the Lord proper. He said that it is a time that every line of the Holy Scriptures will be proven true to the letter; that multitudes will leap over their hitherto stubborn obstacles, and into their expected end; that it will be proven that He has not and cannot cede the world or His Church to Satan; that outstanding blessings shall be realized, so the joy of faith could be fulfilled as promised.


The Lord said these things through His approved servant and oracle whom no devil can gainsay.


What are your challenges, address them now in light of these declarations, as we rise up to call upon the Lord.



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