September 24, 2019

Because He Believed 

Passage: Gen.15:1-6;  
Service Type:

Charismatic Hour (24/09/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Lagos


Topic:                                                 Because He Believed 


Text:                                                               Gen.15:1-6;


About the worst and most frequent weapons Satan has been using against mankind to keep them away from the numerous and marvelous blessings of God are doubt and unbelief. He used them against the first man and woman and robbed them of all things that were given to them.  Others have been prevented from getting what the liberal God, the Father of lights, the Giver of every good gift ordained for them, through the agency of these weapons.


Fortunately, there is a cloud of witnesses to the faithfulness of God to those who believe Him, even when they find themselves in strange lands as minorities. They followed and served God without fear and He inturn rewarded them appropriately.


We shall consider some of these men of like passion who believed God and doubted not, and had their dreams realized, to boost our faith to draw all we need at this time of exploit. Believe that even if you are in the midst of Satan and his agents, you cannot be prevented from being empowered to realize all your dreams through this Movement. Only believe and your lips shall be filled with songs of praises, in Jesus= name.


Our Case Studies And Inferences:

Our father, Abraham was worried and complaining of going childless to God. Then God brought him out to look at the sky in the night and count the number of stars. Our father of faith did so and God told him that his seeds would be as uncountable as the stars of heaven and the sand at the sea shore. And he believed God and doubted not. Today, that promise to him has been fulfilled to the letter.  The same God is making us this same promise now. And as we believe Him, our seeds will be like the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea shore in Jesus= name. This implied that from this point on, we should no longer be worried or sorrowful, neither be given to complaining on issues, but become thankful to God for giving us more than we have desired.  Praise the LORD!


For Peter to walk on the sea like the Master, he only believed the LORD (Matt.14:22-33). So long as he doubted not, he walked on the sea. It was his fear and doubt because of the boisterous wind that made him to start sinking. Then he cried out unto the LORD. The Master still went for his rescue while walking on the sea under the same boisterous wind threat. Have we believed for anything and we have gotten it, we must never lose our faith because of some evil winds. If we have and as a result started sinking, we must cry out unto the LORD now to rescue.


1sam.17:32-37: We can become David that will slaughter Goliath and take away the devil=s reproaches from mankind, particularly God=s people, lead other believers to fight the enemies of the Church, if only we can buy his faith in God, even in the midst of numerous adversaries and threats. David was a man empowered with special anointing by Prophet Samuel, the words and acts of God. As we take all the messages from the pulpit of many colours at this time of God’s power, we will become mighty men of valour, who will rake souls into God=s kingdom and do exploits for our faith will be boosted.


King Solomon believed the LORD=s dreams to him, and was outstandingly wise, wealthy and honourable (1Kgs.3:3-5;9-15). This is our turn. As we believe the LORD=s dream for us, that is, become empowered to realize our Spiritual, Physical, Material, Financial and Ministerial dreams, we Shall become like Solomon, millionaires from the dunghills of this our day in Jesus= name. For whatever be your dreams, you can realize it now as you believe. Rise up and present your dreams to God in faith.


HSCF:117, 122

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