March 17, 2020


Passage: Jn. 3:14-17; 15:12-13
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                                 WHO DOES HE HATE?

Texts:                                                  Jn. 3:14-17; 15:12-13


Our texts are scriptures that portray the great and unfathomable measure of Love God has for the world. The greatness of the Love is such that God offered His only begotten son for it. A proper understanding of this singular gesture will totally transform any manner of person regardless of the persons previous state or status.


The great treasures buried in these verses of the scripture is what the LORD wants us to dig up and reflect on today, to make us spiritually, materially and physically richer than we have ever been. The message has been divided into three parts for our easy assimilation and maximum benefit (1) Analysis of His Love (2)   Implication of His Love (3)   The Big Question


(1)       Analysis Of His Love (Jn. 3:16)

The Love of God as is expressed in this scripture is such that comparatively outweighs any other priority in God=s consideration. The statement in other words, reads, The Love of God for the world is so great, that it cost Him His only begotten son, to keep or preserve the love.


The Love of God for the world is not just an ordinary Love, but Love that has no comparism. It pictures the greatest of all that God has and can give (cp. Jn. 15:13; Rom. 8:31; Prov. 8:10-11).


(2)       Implication Of His Love (Jn. 3:16)

The Love is so highly regarded or rated in the sight of the LORD, that making light of it offends Him so much. All that are beneficiaries of the Love must see the Love in this proper perspective to enable them respond impressively or adequately to the Love. God=s love for the world is so much that nothing will be too much to give for that Love. He demands those who care to respond commensurately or appropriately (cp. Jn. 21:15-17).


(3)       The Big Question (Isa. 50:1)

The big question posed to all and sundry including us is, AWho Does God Hate?@ The answer from Him (God) is none, AI Love the world so much that I gave my son. It depends on the world to respond, if they perceive that God hates them not.


One fact remains outstanding here, and that is, if the world can lay claim to His so great a Love, what should His servants, friends, and all who have reciprocated His Love by turning their Lives to Him or given themselves to His service say? Should they not say, if God so Loved the world that lies in wickedness (1Jn. 5:19), then I have the greatest privilege being His beloved servant and friend. His Love will speak once more in my favour. If we place our faith strategically in His Love, then the Love will speak great and mighty things than we ever can imagine (Rom. 8:31-32).


The Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement God=s instrument of the end-time in His eleventh-hour business stands the greatest opportunity to lay claim to the dividends of the Love of God.


Surely, God so much Loves the Watchman that He gave His only begotten Son and through Him all that the Watchman needs for service and for their wellbeing. If you believe this, rise up and let us pray.

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