May 14, 2019

Then, The Fire Of The LORD Fell

Passage: 1Kgs.18:17-40; 2Kgs.1:1-12
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Negative events like the massacre of the prophets of God, usually put people off (1Kgs.19:10).  True men  of God get vexed with such ugly developments, find out what  God wants them to do, do just that and forge ahead to avenge the blood of the prophets of God( 1Kgs.18:40; 21:1-24). They weep as Jesus did and order their utterances aright like Job and David, even though blames may be heaped on them. They neither charge God nor man foolishly, but keep trusting God who proves Himself faithful and able (cons. Job1:13-22; 42:10-13; 1Sam.30:1-10,16-20).They believe in fire for fire.


For the watchmen, it is time for the fire of the LORD to fall. It is a time of lifting up the discouraged and arming them to destroy their destroyers. (1Kgs.18:37-40; 2Kgs.1:9-12) .For deeper insight and the testimonies that turn the hearts of men back to their God, we shall consider this message in the following sub-headings: (1) What The Fire Of The LORD Is Meant To Achieve (2) How The Fire Of The LORD Fell And Its Achievements


(1) What The Fire Of The LORD Is Meant To Achieve (1Kgs.18: 17-24; 2Kgs.1:9-12)

In the days of Elijah, the people were under terrible intimidation and deceit by Baal’s prophets. The adherents of Baal killed whosoever they would, terrorized people at will, polluted and defiled the land. Because of the wickedness of the rulers by their worship of Baal, God withdrew the rain and there was a great famine that led to terrible suffering in the land.


The Almighty God wanted the people to see the uselessness and frustration of identifying with wicked rulers. He also wanted those rulers and their prophets who rejected Him to call on their gods to do what He does. In short, He wanted to prove that He has no rival. The Almighty God was out to destroy Baal worship by the hands of those whom Baal’s prophets have deceived, intimidated, robbed, polluted, defiled and tortured.


The fire is meant to kindle fervor in our lives by turning our hearts back to Him. It is time to return to the old path: evangelism, intensive prayers and spiritual exercises, alms giving, true fellowship.


(2) How The Fire Of The LORD Fell And Its Achievements (1Kgs.18:22-40; 2Kgs.1:9-12)

Elijah gave the prophets of Baal time to call on their god while he taunted the worshipers until they got tired and frustrated. He, then built the altar of the LORD, set the wood in order, and placed the meat on the wood. Instead of seeking for what will aid the fire to burn, he rather charged the people to do what could hinder the kindling of the fire, by asking the people to soak the sacrifice and wood with barrels of water. Then, at the time of the evening sacrifice, he went near and made a simple prayer that evoked God’s faithfulness, asking Him to prove that He is the LORD God and that He has turned the hearts of the people back again. And the fire of the LORD fell and consumed all on the altar. In the second case, he simply challenged God to prove that he (Elijah) is His servant, and the fire of the LORD fell as required. The fire kindled the fire of the people’s faith in, praise of and obedience to God. The same will be yours today in Jesus’ name.


We have given all that represent Baal and his prophets enough time to do their worst. Now, it is time to neutralize the adversary. They cannot survive this Charismatic Hour as you join us to build the altar of the LORD, gather all your needs and present them to Him to glorify Himself in them. Even in the midst of your doubts, the fire of the LORD must fall and consume all that it is called for as the Elijahs of today call on the LORD on your behalf. You can rise and present your needs to the LORD while I call on the LORD for His fire.


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