May 28, 2019

The LORD And His Angels Encamp Round About Us

Passage: Psalm 125:1-2;34:7-8; 2Kgs.6:8-18
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Awareness, appreciation and appropriation of who we are, and what we have; and putting them into proper use will not only beef up our defense against our adversaries, but will aid us in possessing our possessions in Christ Jesus (cons. 2Kgs.6:15-20). It will make those who are dillydallying to be true believers so that they may enjoy what we are enjoying (Rom.8:14-19). Today, the Almighty God wants to stir up the needed consciousness, appreciation and the necessary actions that arise from knowledge of a truth.  We shall be considering the above truth under two points: (1) The Implication Of The Truth (2) Drawing From The Truth.


  • The Implication Of The Truth: The LORD And His Angels Encamp Round About Us.


The awareness and appreciation of this truth keeps a believer far away from sin  It will make a sinner who desires such a privilege to readily repent from his sins (cons.1Cor.11:10;  Jn.21:7; Habk.1:13). Knowledge of the truth will embolden one and creates  assurance that God is not only near but will readily hear and act in our favor (cons. Prov.28:1; 2Kgs.6:15-18; 1Sam.17:45-51; Dan.3:16-18; 6:10-22; Lk.13:31-33; Neh.6:10-13). A believer who is aware that the LORD and His heavenly hosts are waiting for him to make righteous demands,  he will readily do the required to enable them play their roles of being round about him as occasions demand (cons. Gen.28:16-22; 2Kgs.6:15-18; 5:8-10; 4:38-41,42-44,1-7). Such a believer is relaxed in the awareness that all things are possible and readily believes that impossibilities can be made possible ( cons. Lk.1:27-38;  2Chron.20:14-25).


2)        Drawing From The Truth: The LORD And His Angels Encamp Round About Us


Now that you are aware that the LORD and His hosts are round about those who fear Him and trust Him, you should present yourself for sanctification. Be aware that the one who will transform you is just around, waiting for you to make a sincere call for it. Take advantage of it and call upon His name, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved (Rom.10:13; Rev.3:20). Cast away the garments of fear and  doubts, and come boldly to the LORD with all your needs. The LORD said, “I will work and who shall let it? (Isa.43:13). The angels of God are set to carry out operations on all the matters that need operations, work on your systems and organs to make them sound again, open doors of prosperity, progress and success. They will overcome all that have been overcoming you and grant you continuous protection in Jesus’ name. They will restore all that you lost in Jesus’ name. Your time of promotions in ministry, career, and family has come.


Whatever be your desire, present them to God now. The Mighty Surpriser is around to surprise you with end of year packages.


Let us rise and pray.


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