September 1, 2019


Passage:      Jn. 14:30
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SUNDAY LIGHT (01/09/19, 09/09/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement



Text:                                                  Jn. 14:30



Having concluded the LEAP Declaration, and being mandated to set the places on gospel fire, it is very imperative that every Watchman be reminded that the enemy will not fold his hands to watch us comfortably set every place on gospel fire.


Rather, he will be strategizing on the mode of neutralizing our operations. And one of his most popular strategies is to use the principle of eliciting internal opposition by means of harnessing the effect of his properties held/possessed by members of the Watchman team.


These properties are responsible for much of the problems found in the families and church, and serve as cogs in the wheel of progress in the places. They need to be obliterated using the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit, the cleansing word of God and prayers (1Thess 5:23; Jn.15:3; Matt.7:7,8).


We shall commence our teaching on these deadly attributes with the following – UNTEACHABLE DISPOSITION AND STUBBORNNESS.


These negative traits often flourish together, and cause much havoc to relationships, lives and destinies of people.




This is the attitude of consciously or unconsciously refusing or resisting to be taught, or learn from the direction of another/others (Prov.1:5). The victims often think that they know, and so don’t pay proper attention when some other person is trying to hand down knowledge (cons. Prov.24:4).


This deadly trait could be traced to the following causes:


Pride of one’s advantage or credit: age, position, exposure, beauty or achievement(s) in life (cons. 1Cor.4:6-7, 1Tim.6:3-4).


Ignorance of one’s inadequacy (1Cor.8:2, 13:12; Gal.6:3)


Proud upbringing and association leading to an arrogant mind set (1Cor. 15:33)


This relatively passive attitude often manifests (actively) as stubbornness; and possessors of this perilous attitude are at the risk of eternal damnation (cons. Matt.18:3).




This is the state of being disapprovingly determined not to change one’s attitude or opinion (cons. Ex.32:9, Deut. 31:24-27, 1Sam.8:19, 2Chro. 24:17-22, Jer. 44:16, Acts 7:51).

It was personally exemplified by King Saul (cons. 1Sam.15:17-23 cp. 13:5-14). Being a product of pride, it is abhorring to heaven (cons. 1Sam.15:23,24). It has destroyed several homes where the wife refuses instructions or the husband refuses counsel (cons. Prov. 21:9,19, 14:17, 22:24, 11:14, 15:22). It wrecks the lives of youths to become lay-abouts, gamblers, crime oriented captives, and causes untimely death (cons. Deut. 21:18-20)


It destabilizes and disintegrates Church settings, making it polarized and unhealthy for worship. It causes sorrow to the leadership and to decent minds in the congregation (cons. Num.11:11-15, Jn.4:23-24).


Those that manifest it don’t go far with the Lord as it alienates them to Him, and leads to divine rejection and ultimately, destruction (cons. 1Sam.14:37; 15:23,26-28; Prov.29:1; Hos.4:6(b), Zech.7:8-14)


No child of God can afford to jeopardize his future by retaining any of these ungodly traits of unteachableness or stubbornness in his life. The child of God should be teachable and malleable as a child (cons. Matt.18:1-3; cp. Isa.64:8, Jer.18:6).


It must be noted that the yokes of these traits are destroyed by means of objective scriptural consideration, prompt resistance to the traits through fervent prayers and contrite acknowledgment of the sin in the event of their manifestation (Jn. 15:3, Jas.5:16).



Fellowship Song: (HSCF 163)

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