March 19, 2019

Knowing And Appreciating The Gift Of God

Passage: John 4:1-10,28-30; Matthew 26:6-13
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                   Knowing And Appreciating The Gift Of God  

Texts:                                          John 4:1-10,28-30; Matthew 26:6-13


Many people claim to know, worship and serve God but this they do like the Samaritan woman. Their worship of God is mainly in line with the ideals of men and not as stipulated by God (His Way, Truth and Life).  Real worship begins with having true knowledge and understanding of, and appreciating God’s Gift. Those who do are usually grateful for God’s indescribable gift”(2Cor.9:15). Let us consider (1) The Gift Of God Explained (2) Knowing And Appreciating The Gift Of God (3) The Joy Attached To It


(1)     The Gift Of God Explained (John 4:10)

The term, “The Gift Of God” means Divine Providence to all mankind, willingly and freely given (Rom.5:15-19;   Gen.8:21-22). At the end of creation, God did not abandon the world to run itself. Rather, He has ever since continued to be involved in the lives and affairs of men. He is aware of the extent a man can go, the wiles of Satan against men, and man’s struggles in this world of sin and wickedness.  For this reason, God, being the compassionate, loving, and caring Father, Who watches over all creation, sacrificially gave man an unspeakable GIFT so as to preserve the works of His hands. This Gift is also the only means of solution to earthly and spiritual problems of man (Heb.1:1-3; Ps.8:3-6).  This gift is His Son Jesus Christ, His express image.


Because many are ignorant of this great provision, many have remained in diverse disposition or troubles, disappointments, confused, depressed and addicted to terrible habits. Today, such needs to cry out like the prodigal son for freedom and to enjoy the precious gift of God.(Lk.15:11-19). This is what leads to a life of peace from slavery and from the hand of seen and unseen forces in the world.


(2)     Knowing And Appreciating The Gift Of God (Jn. 4:28-29; Mk.5:18-20; Mt.26:10-13)

Appreciation entails being grateful or living a life of gratitude to God for what He has done (for you, did for others). For Mary, her knowledge and appreciation of Jesus Christ stands as a memorial for all to see. Her love and devotion were deep enough that nothing could pull her back or make her compromise her faith in Christ (Lk.11:38-42). To Mary, she has received God’s Gift and a kingdom that cannot be moved, whose Maker and Builder is God.


What a challenge to all and sundry, particularly to individuals in church who easily give up their faith or stop coming to church for want of what to eat, clothe to put on, where to sleep, distress, and persecution? (1Sam.1:3,12; Rom.8:35,37-39). Thank God that you are here now (Mt.5:4). Be assured that you will leave here completely transformed by the power of the Holy Ghost. You will come to know that it is not evil to serve God in Jesus name.


(3)     The Joy Attached (Acts 8:26-27,35-39)

The Ethiopian eunuch found himself in a desert (an empty or lonely place, left without help or support). Although he was a great man, yet he sincerely sought God’s Gift. And the LORD sent Philip to minister the gift to him. On receiving same, he went his way rejoicing. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and comes down from the Father of lights in whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning. His gift/blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow. Perhaps, you are like a man in the desert, lonely, sorrowful and disappointed, altogether abandoned like the Ethiopian eunuch.  There is a glad tiding for you now (Acts 8:36,37; Is.50:4,3). Things that accompany the Gift of God will be your lot in Jesus name (Heb.6:9). As the Ethiopian eunuch went away from the presence of Philip rejoicing, so will you in Jesus name.


Let’s rise up to pray.


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