February 2, 2019


Passage: Psalm 132:1-5; Prov. 29:18
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The angel of the Church (our father in the faith) told the ministers at the just concluded Ministers Conference that the ministry of the Watchman must be made up of multitudes of special people (Heb.11:12). In the New Watchman, the Lord is asking “who can stand on the fence/sideline and be guiltless” at such a time.   So the need to have a focus and set up a target of what one wants to achieve for the Lord this year cannot be overemphasized and proceeding to pursue same with all diligence if necessary.

In our text, King David had a target and vowed to achieve it by focusing all his attention on that goal (ie bringing back the Ark of the Lord to Jerusalem). The man of God has declared that he has given us license to go and conquer our territories for Jesus Christ, so frivolities, idleness and non-challant attitudes cannot be accepted in this new era. Therefore, it is expected that from the leader to the led, everyone must have a target this year on what he/she must achieve for the Lord. Let us take a firm decision and determine what we shall be this time because decisions determine one’s destiny.

Everyone must set a target of the number of souls to win, the new ground to cover and new heights to attain this year.


Prayer Points

  1. 30:1 – There is need to remember the Lord’s doings and then appreciate Him for all He has done. Thank Him for your life and that of your household, our G.S, the Diocesan Pastor and other members of Watchman.
  2. HSCF 154 – Let’s sing and pray-in the stanzas of this song. Asking God for higher ground of holiness, righteousness, purity, faith, patience, love, longsuffering, meekness, humility etc.
  3. 1:17-19, Col.1:9-11 – Let’s pray that these virtues mentioned in this scriptures will be our experience this year, so that our work/service with/for the Lord will be acceptable.
  4. Pray that every heart desire of our G.S including making the work of God real and experiencing uncommon miracle in his ministry will come to pass (Ps.21:1-3).
  5. Pray for the Diocesan Pastor and his ministers in the diocese that God will manifest His glory upon their lives as never before so that the Watchman fellowship centers will be a place of abundant life (Isa.43:19).
  6. Talk to God on the needs of your life, what you want to achieve physically this year (Num.14:28).
  7. Pray for God’s blessings upon the neighbours by your side- Let the Lord meet their needs

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