July 3, 2019


Passage: 2Kgs.10:10-17
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INTRODUCTION: Let us remind ourselves that every word of God must surely come to pass no matter how long it takes (Ps.119:89, Jer.44:28-29, Zech.1:5-6). Through the mouth of Prophet Elijah, judgment was declared against the house of Ahab because his of wickedness and that of his wife. Jehu was ordained to execute this judgment according to God’s prophecy, so he set out for the assignment but realized that one man cannot do it (like the saying that a tree cannot make a forest). He needed to invite Jonadab who has the same mindset of abhorring evil in the land (2Kgs.10:15-16).

The Lord has given the Watchman through His servant (our GS) the vision of recovering, restoring the lost glory in His Church and showing sinners the way to salvation (Isa.49:5-6). The servant of God time without number has been telling the Watchmen and anyone who cares to hear that the work is not the work of one person. For this work to be executed, he informed us recently that there is need for like-mindedness (Amos 3:3).

At this second phase, we must all believe one thing, love righteousness, and hate iniquity in order to achieve this enormous task given as the ministry of the Man of God begins intensively this month.


Prayer Points

  1. HSCF 3, 13, 17 – Let’s minister to God for who He is and what He has done to us since the inception of the ministry.
  2. As God called Abraham at the age of 75yrs and was with him till the end of his life. Let us pray and tell God that the Abraham of our time (the Man of God) will be kept, preserved and protected as he gets into the second phase of his ministry.
  • 16:9 – Tell God to remove every distraction from the Man of God and his family by neutralizing the stiff opposition mounted against him.
  • 32:8 – Now that his ministry commences, ask God to guide and direct His servant in everything he does this time, so that the assignment will be accomplished without delay.
  1. 42:1-4 – Let’s pray for the Diocesan Pastor and other Ministers that God’s purpose and plans concerning their lives will be fulfilled especially in this Diocese. Ask God to keep the wife and children taking away every distraction from His servant so that the work will be unhindered.
  2. 10:15-16 – At this time of the new Watchman, there is need for like-mindedness – Tell God to give the Watchman Congregation one mind so that we should flow together and achieve our purpose.
  • 144:7, 11 – Every strange child in this movement should be discovered and converted .
  1. 8:19-23 – Tell God that the first fruit fasting of this month will open doors of joy, gladness, cheerful feast in your life, family and the entire Watchman family.
  • Let it bring revival and explosion into our lives, fellowship centres, making people everywhere to flock to the Watchman Church.
  1. 9:1-2 – God’s favour should come upon the Church so that the evil plans of the wicked will turn to their hurt.
  • Every evil agenda against the Church and the nation should be thwarted so that the gospel of Christ will prosper in this land.
  1. 2Kgs7:1- Pray for the success of the July 17th -21st Programme that will hold at all Watchman locations, Pray for journey mercies for the ministers that will be traveling, pray also for the declarations that God will make through the man of God, to the all encompasses.
  2. 8:14-17 – Pray for yourself and tell God that your life will be pleasing to Him, that anything associated with evil will not be found in you at this time.

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