July 9, 2019

By His Spirit

Passage: 1Cor.12:1-11; Is.11:1-5; Lk.4:18-21; Acts.4:31-34
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Introduction: As we get set for the 2nd phase of the ministry which will officially commence on 17th July 2019, it is necessary to prepare ourselves, in readiness for the declarations that will proceed from the man of God throughout the programme.


The man of God would have all know that the programme is like that set up to enlist people into the project. It is a time of repositioning oneself for the divine repackaging of the ministry. So all members of the Movement must get ready.


Today, the LORD is coming to us with gifts that will profit all. It is a time to receive more than what will serve our personal interests. Shortly from now, the LORD will decorate us with Gifts By His Spirit that will both meet our individual needs and those of others that will come in contact with us in Jesus= name. We shall consider this message in two sub- sections for our enrichment. (1)The Gifts By His Spirit (2) Be Enriched By His Spirit


  • The Gifts By His Spirit ( Is.11:1-5; Lk.4:18-21)

They include such things given willingly and free of charge by His Spirit (Mt.4:24; Rom.6:23; Acts.12:7-11; etc); Supernatural talents or abilities (1Cor.12:1-11; Is.11:1-5; Judges 16:5; Dan.1:17, 19; 1Kgs.3:12-14; etc.); Divine favour (Acts.4:31-34; Gen.39:1-6, 21-23; etc.).


(2) Be Enriched By His Spirit (Mt.7:6-12; 1Cor.12:3-7; Acts.1:8; Lk.4:18-19)

Every gift by God=s Spirit is good and must be seen, regarded, appreciated, sought for and treated as such for one to receive and retain it. The gift of God are given to profit not only self but others through testimonies, ministrations, services and witnessing. They are meant to provoke us to love the LORD, the things and the people of the LORD, and to get committed to Him; hallow Him and render Him worthy services.


If anyone with such disposition would earnestly ask God to enrich him in any way he desires, he will become another King Solomon in getting more than he asked (1Kgs.3:3-14). The LORD is ever looking for any who will go for Him, witness Him, engage in His Business with their talents, to empower. Change your attitude towards Him and His gifts, and experience the exceeding rain of divine riches.


Let us rise and pray to be enriched for service unto the LORD.

HSCF: 202



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