October 8, 2019

Giving With A Pure Motive.

Passage: Matt. 6:1-4
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WEEKLY BIBLE STUDY (10/10/19, 17/10/19)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement



Topical Study:     CHRIST’S SERMON ON THE MOUNT (Study 15)




Text:                                                               Matt. 6:1-4



INTRODUCTION: We are continuing with our series on Christ’s Sermon On The Mount.  In our last Bible study, we completed the remaining part of study 14 which enjoined us Not To Render Evil For Evil, showing how we should bear and forgive wrongs, love and pray for our enemies and how that we should be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect (Matt. 5:38-48).


Today, we are progressing on this series with this study 15 which talks about: Giving With A Pure Motive.


This study is pertinent particularly at this time that the Lord is helping us to begin to appreciate the need to give both to God and the fellow men.  It will address 3 points: (1) Giving - A Religious Ordinance (2) Giving - The Right Way and (3) Giving - The Reward.


  1. Giving - A Religious Ordinance (Matt. 5:42; 6:1-4)


Giving both to God and to the needy generally is an ordinance (a command to be observed) in the Christian faith (Matt. 6:1-3).  Although our text is specific on alms giving - giving to the poor and needy, but because we know that when such is rightly done, it is tantamount to giving to God (cp. Ps. 41:1; Prov. 19:17). We are considering alms, and other acts of giving to God together.  Giving both directly to God by way of tithes, free will offering, vows/pledges and indirectly by giving to the poor is a command to all disciples (Matt. 6:1-3; 19:21; Lk. 6:38).  The phrase “... when thou doest thine alms ...” implies that giving of alms is a well-known ordinance and an expected practice.  It is not optional.


  1. Giving - The Right Way (Matt. 6:1-4)


Seeing that giving to God and also to the poor is an ordinance of the Lord, Jesus during His great sermon on the mount, did not fail to instruct on how to do it aright (Matt. 6:1-4).  In doing our alms and other acts of giving to the Lord, we should not be hypocritical. Pharisees and other hypocrites did theirs for to be seen and glorified by men.  Jesus, knowing that it is easy to give with some selfish motive either to curry favour from men, or to receive praise and worship by men or to be recognised, warns us against that.  Pharisees and hypocrites like to flaunt their gifts and blow their trumpets while giving so as to fulfill their selfish and sensual motives.  When Jesus said that in our giving we should not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing, He meant that our motive in giving both to God and to the poor, must be pure.  When we are giving directly to God, it should not be to be seen and applauded by men, but to be seen and rewarded only by God.  When we give to the poor, it should be for God’s sakes and on the bases of mercy and compassions and not praise and recognition by men.


It is the motive behind our giving that makes it acceptable to God or otherwise.  Let’s ask ourselves the motives behind all our apparently good actions, including to the poor/needy and to God directly, giving to children and servants of God.  With the next good deed you want to do, ask yourself “would I still do this if no one would ever know I did it?”


We thank God for His assistance in all the projects that we have been undertaking, and the availability of funds for the projects from the coffers of brethren.  Now if you are one of those who would not give the much they gave except for the “open ballot system” and the attendant applause, (adopted in some places), then you must review your motive in the light of this study, so as to be able to receive the blessings the Lord has earmarked for all that contribute to our projects.


  1. Giving - The Reward (Matt. 6:1-4)


When we carry out our giving according to God’s instruction, the reward is sure to follow (Matt. 6:1-4).  Giving both to the Lord directly and to the needy people and God’s servant carries great reward (cp. Deut. 14:28,29; 15:7-10; Lk. 6:38; Prov. 19:17; 28:27; Matt. 10:42; 19:21).


If you have sincerely, generously and cheerfully, given to the Lord for the sponsorship of our projects, expect your blessings.  He that has promised it, is faithful.  He shall not fail.



Rise and let us pray.

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