December 11, 2018


Passage: Jn. 10:1-9; Jer. 27:5-8; Rev.3:21
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                         WHO IS KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR?


Text:                           Jn. 10:1-9; Jer. 27:5-8; Rev.3:21



There are many things that call for our attention today: this saviour and that deliverer, this Church and that fellowship, this ideology and that philosophy, claims and counter claims from men and women around us, all saying that  just at the press of their button, solutions to life threatening problems will be granted us, if only we can   open for them to come in.


However, there is only one exceptional BEING, who alone has all answers to the problems of mankind, for He is the maker and owner of all things, and gives same to whosoever He wills (Jer. 27:5-8). We shall see who is He and  what He enter in with to open doors?




  1. Who is This Being? (Gen.1:1,27-28; Ex.3:14)


He is the I AM THAT I AM, God who is present and active, whose living presence is ever ( day by day) with His people.  Though He created all people in His image (Gen. 1:1,27-28), multitudes are groping in darkness of  His ways, acts, and divine supplies(Acts 17:22-23).He created us so He can  have a loving and personal relationship with us through His Son, Jesus Christ. He delights that we  worship and serve Him in faith, loyalty and gratitude of heart. His people are identified by a life style that conforms to these(Josh. 24:15; 1Kgs. 18:21).


Unfortunately, there are men and women including youths who like the Athenians spend time, money and energy with other religious activities. have Christian name tags, carry and read bible, go to places of worship, worst still make claims of being His representatives as preachers, having flocks under them with the attendant  miracles, signs and wonders yet they do not know Him(Job. 23:4,8-9; Jn. 4:19, 21-22; 2Cor. 3:15-16). Others have turned their  backs away from the very way provided by this Mighty Being (John 14:6; Job 28-28). As a result, the very means of salvation has not only eluded them but they remain in lives of misery and disappointments with  experiences of different kinds unlike His true children who have known Him through genuine experience of being born again.


Who are these His true Children? They are His well-beloved,  His Jewels. He spares them as a man spares His own biological children from dangers. He will stop at nothing to protect, provide, strengthen, and restore  them when they open  to Him in prayers. He does these things because He knows them by name (2Tim. 2:19). Sometimes, this same people cry, sorrow, and suffer lacks because of human limitations and unbalanced understanding of  Him particularly when He is working out something unique in their lives (cons. Gen. 42:36-38; 2Kgs. 6:15-17).  In Gehazi’s case, Elisha PRAYED TO THIS BEING AND MIRACLE WAS WHAT FOLLOWED.


Remember, fearful hearts, afflicted though saved from sin, those  who have no capital any more, sleepless woman, widows and widowers, unsettled servants and all that are needy, today this great Being is using His human angels like Elisha to deal decisively with all that have caused you sorrows.  Since His presence is here already, He bids me say something to you now (Is. 3:10-11).He wants you to know what He enters in with.


(2) WITH WHAT DOES HE ENTER IN  (Jn.10:1-9; Rev.3:21).



He is knocking with blessings of various kinds. You can shut or open your door To shut  the door means to refuse to talk to or have any dealings with somebody while to open door means to create an opportunity for getting or reaching somebody. In view of these, will your door remain shut or open?   THE GOOD SHEPHERD, is  God of orderliness (1Cor. 14:40) particularly when it comes to the issue of giving divine blessing of various kinds to those created in His image. To them He gives freedom of choice.  Will you open for Him to come in or remain adamant? His gifts are  unique and great (Jn. 10:9). First will be what? Saved and traffic in and out without restriction to find pasture. Pasture means having a better and richer way of life. He is right now knocking at the door of someone. Will you open or shut your door and remain  both physically and spiritually down trodden? There is pasture of new job, healing, life partner, fruitfulness and an enriched Christian life all for you if only you open for Him.


What more shall I say? For our enemies who created the state of restlessness on our journey to heaven through bad situations and ugly circumstances, He does not need beg them for they know and hear His voice neither can they put up any resistance (Ps. 24:7-10). The Lord of Hosts, the commander of heaven’s armies, He is the Messiah. Who can abide in the day of His indignation? This evening I’m sure that none will escape (Rev. 19:11, 14-15).  Your lives’ problems that seem to be going from bad to worse will be reversed. Our lives of failure and defeat will be turned into glorious and victorious one in Jesus name.


Remember, one necessary requirement now is will you open for Him? Rise and take what belongs to your peace in Jesus name.

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