October 3, 2019


Passage: Ezekiel 12:21-28; Isa.21:6-12
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DAY 3 - 03/10/2019




TOPIC:                     WATCHMAN WHAT OF THE NIGHT?

TEXTS:                                 Ezekiel 12:21-28; Isa.21:6-12



Given to the name we bear by the leading of God (Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement), it is expected that every Watchman be loaded with information at this time. (Ps. 25:14; Heb. 10:25). The Lord wants us to be always present in all our fellowship activities where He will use His servants to give us information and counsel that will be of great assistance in the end-time project. (Pro. 15:22; 11:14; 19:20).


The very last day is here with us, therefore, we need to be meticulously careful and addicted to prayers in order to escape the dangers looming everywhere, and get stay prepared for the rapture. The Lord informed the Watchmen in the Diocese through our Diocesan Pastor of some of the things coming to this nation and what He expects from every Watchman. There are hard times ahead and in the day of trouble He will do strange things. Holiness is commanded in the day of the Lord, so as to be delivered in the evil day (1 Cor 11:28-30; 1 Pet. 1:15-16). This is the time of Elijah’s qualities (man of holiness, power and uncompromising lifestyle). The Lord said that His people should be estranged to sins because His judgment is near, Pastors/Leaders must organize and call for solemn assemblies in their locations. It is time to seriously look inwardly as God is set to move in a strange way. However, one needs to get himself/herself qualified (2 Tim 2:19-21).


Prayer Points

  1. 25:1-4 – The faithfulness of God to His Servant (Our G.S), and the entire Watchman congregation is enormous, therefore let the Watchmen appreciate God with thanksgiving and praise worship.
    • His grace toward us is unquantifiable, so let us praise Him and re-dedicate ourselves unto Him (Ps. 68:19, 32-35)
  2. 68:21, 23; Jer. 6:9-13 – God’s nature abhors evil and will not spare the wicked if he continues in his evil doings, therefore:
    • Let us pray that God will hasten his judgment/ punishment upon his enemies in this country and outside this country..
  3. 1 Sam. 10:24; Ps. 21:1-8, 71:20-221; Heb. 11:12 – The calling of God is without repentance, let’s pray that all that were promised (the angel of the church) be fulfilled without delay.
  4. 33:26-29 – God commanded Israel to destroy her enemies. Let us call by name all enemies of our souls and by faith thrust them out of our lives/ways and destroy them.





  1. 36:33-38 – Let’s activate this scripture verses upon our lives and of the brethren in all Watchman locations. Let God cleanse us from every form of iniquity and from all idols, and rebuild our church, so that testimonies of our escapades will flood all the Watchman Fellowship Centers again.
  2. 92:12-14 – The Watchman has been destined to flourish like the palm tree and grow like cedars in Lebanon. Tell God that since you were born to flourish, grow and bring forth fruit even to the old age, no power should hinder you and your family; that there should be no pre-mature death anymore in Watchman Church.
  3. Pray that all the brethren having health challenges will begin to flourish in good health, those who are termed barren or dry or impotent or infertile will begin to flourish in fruitfulness/ child bearing. That God will attend to those that need life partners and satisfy their desires.
  4. 97:9-12 – Let us re-dedicate ourselves, brethren and members of our household unto the Lord. Ask God to help/ preserve us to live for and serve Him better (Ps. 94:17-19)
    • 19:12-14 – Let’s pray for ourselves that God will keep us back from presumptuous sins so that they will not have dominion over us. Also that the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in God’s sight at this time

HSCF: 247

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