September 26, 2019


Passage: Psalm 30:1-12
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Topic:                        UNTO THE LORD I MADE SUPPLICATION

Text:                          Psalm 30:1-12


INTRODUCTION: The Psalmist considered God’s divine intervention and proceeded to open up expression of gratitude/appreciation to God, inviting all the saints to join him in praise. David did give God thanks for the great healing He has wrought for him (Ps. 30:1-4). When his mountain was shaken he lifted up his eyes above the hills in prayer (Ps.6:7)


Prayer is a salve for every sore, David made use of it accordingly as commanded, “is any afflicted? Is any troubled? Let him pray”. Though God hid His face from him, yet he made supplication (making a plead/beg) to God to intervene.


The Watchman being a warrior must follow suit by appreciating God for all His deliverances for the Man of God and household, did all the Ministers. As the days draw closer, we see the enemies on the rampage to resist the Movement and to wreck the world completely. But we are told that God has neither ceded the Church nor the world to Satan. (Lam 3:37).


The Watchmen must take up their weapons and stand in the gap for the people through the prayers of intercession and supplication, for when they pray situations will change, as God will act. (Psalm 56:9)



  1. HSCF 4, 10, 13 – Let’s worship God for who He is, His faithfulness and mighty deliverances upon His people especially our G.S.
  2. Ezek 12:22-23 – In this day of the Lord proper, ask God to fulfill and bring to manifestation all the declarations, promises He has made to us in this Ministry and individually.
  3. 1 Kings 21:1-3, 7, 14-22 – Pray that the mighty hands of the Lord will come upon this nation to give it direction, dealing with all Ahabs and Jezebels as He did of old.
  4. Jer 5:28-30 – Let’s pray and ask God to visit all the evil doers in our society that continued in their wickedness of kidnapping, injustice, genocides, ritual murders, oppressions etc.
    • Let those that sponsor or encourage these evils be exposed and brought to book appropriately.
  5. Psalm 21:1-13- God should continue to keep His promises concerning our father in the faith by preserving him and the family.
  6. Pray for the Diocesan Pastor of Lagos using him as a point of contact to every other minister; that God will keep the feet of His servants and their families. 1 Sam 2:9-10.
  7. 6:2- Pray for the neighbor by your side.
  8. 14:28 – What would you tell God concerning yourself and your entire household?

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