June 18, 2019


Passage: Rom. 5:1-5; 12:10-12; 15:13
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In our last Charismatic Hour session, we considered the first part of this message, where we defined hope; surveyed the implication there of; and outlined the effects.  In this second part of the message, we will take the following points (1). Hope As A Means Of Joy (2). Rejoicing And Glorying In Hope.


  1. Hope As A Means Of Joy (Rom. 8:24; 2Thess. 2:15-17).

Students take pains to read their books and subject themselves to the rigours of academics, because of their hope of making good results to secure good jobs.  Most ladies preserve themselves, because they have the hope of marrying caring and loving husbands.  Businessmen take time to invest, and diligently pursue their investments because of the hope of great profits.  That which a man hopes for serves as a source of joy to him.  Hope represents to a large extent, a concrete expectation.  It has a tendency of convincing the mind that the goal/target or prospect being pursued is realisable.  More often than not hope goes a long way to set times to prospects; hence people look forward to a set time of hope, in order to draw consolation against labour being exerted (cons. Prov. 13:12).


Our Lord Jesus Christ endured the cross because of the hope of glory set before Him.  As He looked forward and reflected on the glory, He saw justification for the troubles taken (Heb. 12:2; Jn. 17:1-4).  In like manner, shall the hope in Christ Jesus serve as a source of glory to all believers: in their families, homes, businesses and spiritual lives (2Cor. 4:13-18).  Those who have not given their lives to Christ still have hope in Christ while they live.  All such are advised to surrender their lives to Christ and become partakers of this great hope, before the door of hope is closed.


  1. Rejoicing And Glorying In Hope (Rom. 5:1-2; 12:12).

One reason why believers murmur, and backslide is the failure to rejoice and glory in hope.  The devil thrives in beclouding the vision of such believers, making them ignorant or unsure of the hope set before them. This results in such believers considering immediate gains or incentives at the expense of hope.


Rejoicing and glorying in hope, entails a vivid conviction and assurance arising from hope, which creates joy in the heart as one looks forward to the realization of the hope.


It is the joy and rejoicing in hope that makes one give oneself to service without counting the cost.  To such people, the labour and service creates satisfaction and fulfillment, and arouses commitment with songs of joy. Consider the suicide bombers, who are falsely promised paradise should they blow themselves up. This promise made to them, makes them very glad to carry bombs on suicide mission.


If suicide bombers, should rejoice in false hope what shall the Watchmen who have eternal, and sure promises of the Lord do?


Let those who understand rise now to shout and rejoice in the glorious hope set before Watchmen.

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