October 16, 2018


Passage:    Lk. 5:12-14
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                      LORD, IF THOU WILT, ...


Text:                                                   Lk. 5:12-14


Today, the LORD wants to reach out to all and sundry with healings, deliverances, sanctification, and whatever maybe one’s desire.  As we consider what transpired between the LORD and the leper and act appropriately, we shall without fail have our hearts desires granted us in Jesus Name.


Let us consider this message under the following sub-heads: (1) Making The LORD Willing (2) The LORD’S Response.


(1)    Making The LORD Willing (Lk. 5:12)

The leper’s statement, “LORD, If Thou Wilt, Thou Canst Make Me Clean” and his action of falling on his face, worshipping Jesus reveals that he has a great understanding that Jesus Christ is the LORD of Lords, the King of kings, the Master of all situations and circumstances. It further reveals that the leper had an implicit faith that Jesus Christ can do all things without fail. His statement and actions paved way for him and constrained Jesus to cleanse him because he has made him know that there was no doubt in his heart as to whether He (Jesus) has the power to cleanse him or not. To him, his problem was too small for Jesus to attend to if He (Jesus) wants to attend to it. Hence his statement “LORD, If Thou Wilt, Thou Canst Make Me Clean”.


Today, you can make the LORD willing to grant you all your heart’s desire as you recognise who the LORD is and how small or insignificant that your need is to Him (the LORD). Your need could be healing from terminal/perennial disease/sickness, terrible demonic oppression/possession/obsession, knotty sinful traits (addictions), terrible financial situations, spiritual stagnation, long standing persecutions/denials, barrenness, long time desire for Holy Ghost Baptism and the gifts of the Spirit, etc.  As you fall on your face today, ready to prove your regard and faith towards our LORD Jesus Christ, your simple plea like the leper will grant you all you need in Jesus name.


(2)    The LORD’S Response (Lk. 5:13-14)

Your miracle is already with you if you will do what the leper did in Jesus name. The LORD is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. He honours them that honour Him. He never disappoints those that put their trust in Him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD, recognising and treating Him as the LORD indeed shall (must) be saved/delivered/healed/sanctified/baptised/promoted/enriched/blessed in Jesus name. He has never and will never cast away anyone that comes to Him with regard and due respect due unto Him. Your case cannot be different in Jesus name. The LORD is saying as it were, “I Am Willing, Be Granted All Your Needs”. Where is your faith and regard for the LORD. Call it up. Now, listen. Listen attentively and awake for all your blessings. The LORD is also calling you to give Him a worthy offering for His projects and prove Him, What have you done about this, what are you doing about this and what will you do about this after today. Prove your faith and regard for the LORD.  Adjust your mind properly. Make no more excuse in honouring and believing the LORD. He is more than Elijah whom the widow of Zarephat gave her last remains of meal and had food throughout the period of famine. You can now say, LORD, IF THOU WILT, THOU CANST GRANT ME ALL MY HEART’S DESIRES.

Let us rise up and pray.


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