December 18, 2018

Divine Ambushment  

Passage: Exo.15:3; Jn.8:1-8, 11-22; 1Kgs.20:1-8,13-20,23-29; 2Cor.10:3
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:                                         Divine Ambushment  


Texts:                   Exo.15:3; Jn.8:1-8, 11-22; 1Kgs.20:1-8,13-20,23-29; 2Cor.10:3


Many people in the church like to talk about wars going on around the world, but know nothing about the daily warfare going on between forces under Satan’s power and those under God’s authority. Common sense dictates that one will not fight through to victory if he doesn’t realize that he is in a warfare. Besides, victory is not always all about weapons but rather of tactics or strategies in use by the captains.


The Israelites and the armies of Ai were engaged in war. Both nations had weapons of war, but He whom the bible describes as the Man of war, the unseen Captain of Joshua’s army, the Master strategist was on Israel’s side and gave the strategy that led to the defeat and destruction of Ai.


You may be among those who are now undergoing some kind of hostilities in their lives. All you need do is to recognize who this unseen Captain is and His strategies, and victory will be yours.




  • Who Is This Unseen Captain? (Jos. 8:1; 1Kgs. 20:23-28). For Benhadad king of Syria and his servants, this unseen Captain is god of the hills only and not of the valleys or the plains. With their array of weaponry and numerical strength, they felt that victory was guaranteed. Unfortunately, their perception about the unseen Captain showed how shallow their understanding was about this Man of war (Psalm 24:1).


Today, we have Benhadad-like men, women, situations, rulers, authorities all around us (Ex. 5:2). These through operations masterminded by Satan, afflict their victims with all kinds of oppressions: sickness, fruitlessness, miscarriages, etc. Some people are victims already. The forces supporting these evil people do hinder or cause delays in answer to prayers (Dan. 10:12-13). Their brazenly wicked activities seem to be saying that God is weak, cannot see, saves from sin but cannot heal; he operates only in the day and not at night; heaven is His abode while the earth is exclusively theirs. To them God is the God of the hills, not of the valleys. Hear the stand of Captain of Watchman army on the issue, as we go into His divine strategy


  • His Divine Strategy (1Kgs. 20:26-27, Jer. 23:24). The term strategy means “the art of planning and directing military activities in a battle”. Our Captain has a matchless strategy to bring to pass whatever promise He made, irrespective of the opposing forces (Jer. 44:28; Mal. 3:6; Ps. 56:3,4). For Joshua, it was a divinely directed ambush: some of his soldiers were to lie in wait while others were to run away at the sighting of the enemies. This strategy led to resounding routing of the erstwhile victors (Josh.8:19,20).  For Benhadad-like oppressors, the unseen Captain proclaims, “Because the Syrian have said...”  A look at the cross section of the people who are here now will indicate that many are going through different kinds of wars of words in their lives by landlords, doctors, directors, law enforcement agents, towns union, etc. At some point, they have said something unpleasant to you. (1Kgs.203-6). Thank God that you have run into this place now.



Hear this! What happened to the army of Ai and servants of king Benhadad will surely happen to all they who are after you, I’m sure of God’s unfailing strategy with which He will nail the armies of our enemies. None will escape in Jesus name. Are you set for the demolition of all spiritual road blocks on your way?


Rise and let us pray.


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