March 3, 2020


Passage: 2Pet.1:3-10
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SUNDAY LIGHT (23/02/20, 01/03/20, 08/03/20)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement


Topic:            BUILDING UP YOUR DIVINE NATURE CONTENT                                                         

Text:                                                                  2Pet.1:3-10



We are making a detour from our series of Satan’s Properties to address some challenges that have arisen (cons. Lk.12:1-12,13-32, 8:41-51).


It is novel for any Watchman in this country to be ignorant of the pernicious state of the nation. The Just concluded 21 days fast (which, sadly, less than half of our church population participated in) is an eye opener. Yet, the Lord would have all watchmen adorn themselves to neutralize the demonic upsurge in our nation, lest we get seriously endangered (Amos 6:1, 2Kgs.6:24-33). Knowledge is a key-factor to success in any field (Jn.8:32’ Pro.24:3,4). The study at hand is to expose/remind us of our identity, and of how to stay in command in our habitat as ambassadors of God/heaven (Matt.18:18, Lk.10:19; Jn.20:21).


Our message on building up your Divine (God’s) nature content shall come under the following subheadings (A) Dissecting The  Divine Nature Content (B) Developing The Divine Nature Content.



The word “nature” in our context means the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized.


So divine nature means the essential qualities or characteristics by which God is recognized. These are the qualities found in the life of the express Image of God. (Jn.14:7-10; Heb.1:3). These are the qualities that follow engaging in God’s kind of life (Zoe in Greek) which is life intensive or abundant life (Jn.10:10).


The Lord Jesus received the fullness of the Spirit where in lies this life (Jn.3:34), and developed same with passage of time. (Heb.5:8).


Therefore, the divine nature content of a person is the measure or level of Christlikeness possessed which have to do with (i) the fruit (product) of the Spirit (Gal.5:17,22-25), (ii) the gifts of the Spirit (Isa.11:1-3; 1Cor.12:4-10) and (iii) the awareness of the believer’s identity and authority (Lk.10:19; 17:5-6; Rom.8:1,14.19,31; Eph.1:17-19; Phil.4:13; Rev.1:5,6)


(B)                  DEVELOPING THE DIVINE NATURE CONTENT  ( 2Pet.1:3-8)

Every true child of God got a deposit of God’s nature (qualities, identities, characteristics) at salvation, imparted through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (2Cor.1:22; 5:5; Rom.8:5). This initial measure is expected to be built on or developed (1Pet.2:2). In God’s kingdom, there is provision for growth in all spheres (Lk.2:40,52; Heb. 5:8). However, to grow, one needs to understand the dynamics (the forces at play) of the growth process. Failure to do so will result in stuntedness, depreciation or even apostasy (Gal.3:1-3, 2Tim.4:10). Knowledge is the building block of growth (Pro.24:3,4; 2Pet.1:2,3,4).


A diligent disciple should know factors that boost or enhance growth and those that oppose it.


(a)                   Enhancers of Growth:

(i)       Knowledge of God and His Christ (2Pet.1:3; Eph.3:16-19)

(ii)    Spiritual Exercise: This covers the acts of communion/prayer, fasting, scripture –reading/meditation, intensive praise/worship (Gal.6:7-8; Mk.1:35; Lk.18:1; Matt.6:16-18; 9:5; Ps.1:1-3; 97-99, 165; Ps.22:3)

(iii)   Conscious obedience to divine instructions (Deut.11:26,27, Ps.119:105; Isa.1:13; Jer.35:5-12; 14-15; Jn.8:29). Any believer  that engages in the injunction to “diligently ADD” will never get stunted in growth or fail (2Pet.1:5-9): Faith (confidence), Virtue (moral excellence), knowledge (understanding), Temperance (moderation, self-control, Patience (steadfastness), Godliness, Brotherly Kindness (affection), Charity (Christian love)


(b)                   Enemies of Growth


(i)       The Flesh: The most pernicious (subtle, deadly) enemy of spiritual life/growth is the flesh (Gal.5:17; Rom.7:18-24). The uncrucified flesh yields works that destroy life and damn the soul (Gal.5:19-21)


(ii)    Sin: This is the irreconcilable enemy of divine life/nature. It was taken up by Satan at rebellion and handed down to men at their disobedience (rom.6:16). It is a terrible hindrance to spiritual growth in any direction (Isa.59:1-2).


The jealous nature of God propelled by holiness and righteousness is inherent in every child of God as a father’s gene are always present in every of his offspring. The believer is to develop this quality through conscious rejection of all manner of wrong doings especially those that have to do with desecration of God’s things or opposition of God’s people.


Our God is Man of war, and we are warriors. We shall therefore take up scriptural weapons to neutralize all enemies that have risen against the church (2Cor.10:3-6; Eph.6:12).


As we continue to engage in this righteous battle, spiritual growth will be natural. This is the expression of God’s infinite wisdom (Rom.11:33; 8:26,28).


Let all Watchmen get set for spiritual exercises


                                                  HSCF: 163

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