February 24, 2019


Passage: Micah 4:9-13
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SUNDAY LIGHT (24/2/2019)

Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement
Text: Micah 4:9-13
INTRODUCTION: The designs of enemies for the ruin of the church often
prove ruining to themselves, they prepare themselves for the destruction and
put themselves in the way of it ; they are snared in the work of their own
hands. (Exodus. 10:7; Esth. 6:4-13)
The people of Judah (Jerusalem) were asked to, Arise and thresh their
enemies, instead of fearing and fleeing from them. To thresh, means to give a
thrashing to; beat hard like beating the seeds out of a grain. They were neither
to plead their weakness nor say that they were no match for the confederated
enemies; because God will make their horn iron to push them down, and
make their hoofs brass to tread upon them and beat them in pieces. (Micah
4:13; Isaiah 41:14-15)
The lord through the mouth of his servant (the angel of the church) has told
the watchmen that they have been made prosecutors, and that they are
reigning with Him. He had declared The Watchman as the white house of
America where decisions are taken, so we are to decide what holds in this
nation! Therefore, what we didn’t permit should not hold. (Num 14:28; Job
22:28; Matt 16:18-19). The Watchmen should rise and exercise their authority
as they travail in prayers to bring down the hand and the will of God upon this
land. (Isa62:1-4; Micah 4:10-13). When God has any work for his people to
do, He will furnish them with strength and ability for it, making the horn iron
and the hoofs brass. Therefore, whenever He does so, they are expected to
exert the power He has given them and execute the commission. The
Watchman must Arise and Thresh. (Luke10:17-19; Deut 33:26-29)
1. Psalm 81: 1-7. We have been commanded to always minister unto our God
for all his goodness and faithfulness towards us .Let’s therefore to worship
,thank and praise Him for the life of the man of God, Diocesan pastor and the
entire watchman brethren.
2. Luke 10:19. This authority given to the church is for a purpose therefore
let’s exercise it now.
Isa. 8:9,10. Let’s proceed to neutralize all the incantations being made by
wicked men against this nation, all the spells cast upon this country making
people to remain indifferent, unconcerned.

Plead the cause of the WCCRM, seeing that if the country remains desolate or
impoverished, our work of reaching to the ends of the earth will be an uphill
task. Declare freedom from every satanic influence and bondage.
3. Deut 33:27-28. The church (Israel of God) has been commanded to destroy
and thrust out their enemies.
Gen.11:1-9. Let all persons that hijack the activities of this nation for their
selfish purpose be neutralized; tell God to thrust them out from the seat of
power and scatter them.
Isa.8:9. Let us destroy all devices/machineries of the wicked ones in this
nation so that they will not be able to continue in their wickedness.
Prov.19:21. The church of God in Nigeria must enjoy peace and freedom. So
pray and tell God that every evil agenda or programs organized or
orchestrated by anybody or group of persons be exposed and frustrated.
5. Isa. 49:5-6. For the sake of the watchman mandate, tell God to raise his
own anointed like Cyrus of old that will rule in the fear of God in this nation.
* Isa. 26:9. Tell God to bring to pass this scripture as he promised his servant
that a time is coming when people will be afraid to rule and do evil in this
* Ask God to fill this nation with fear and knowledge of God through His spirit.
Let’s hand over this nation to the Lordship of our Lord and Savior Jesus
(Habak. 2:14).
6. Ask God to continue to direct His servant our G.S especially at this time of
confusion so that the watchmen will be guided. Also that he will comfort and
increase his greatness. (Psalm 71:5-9,12-16,18,20-21).
7. Ps.20:1-6. Ask God to fulfill his promises to the Diocesan pastor, and
preserve his family.
8. let us call upon God for all the watchman ministers and the congregation of
the watchman and their entire family all over the world that God’s grace will
continue to uphold them and their families (Col. 4:2-4, 2Thess. 3:1-2).
9. Pray for your personal needs asking God to remember You. (Gen. 30:22-

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