February 9, 2020


Passage: Isa.7:5-14; Lk.1:28-37; 2:1-7
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2020 FASTING FELLOWSHIP    JAN. 27-FEB.16, 2020


Theme:        GOD HAS BEEN PROVOKED TO JEALOUSY                               

Topic:          AND THE VIRGIN CONCIEVED                          (Day 14)

Texts:           Isa.7:5-14; Lk.1:28-37; 2:1-7


We have covered 14days of the journey, and we shall be entering the last third of 21 days distance. It has been a fascinating experiencing with a lot of grace at our disposal. To God be the glory.


Today, we are drawing our prayer platform from the strange event that was prophesied in an unrelated circumstance some eight centuries before it occurred: a king that was troubled was asked to request a sign from God but he wouldn’t. Then God gave some information from His divine perspective of an event that will change the course of History of mankind. And after many centuries, a virgin conceived by a supernatural mechanism, and a Son was born.


The event confirms that (i) whatever God promises will come to pass irrespective of the incredibility (Jer.32:17,27) (ii) passage of time does not abrogate or negate the promises of God (2Pet.8:8). The Holy Spirit that activated the promise of the virgin birth of Emmanuel is the same that will ensure that every other promise or declared truth of God comes to pass duly. He was the One that spoke through the mouth of the Lord Jesus saying “if two or three of you shall agree on earth as touching anything…….” (Matt.18:19; cp.Matt.24:35; Jer.1:12; Isa.55:8-11).


We are in a period when “every line of the Holy Scriptures will be proven to be true to the letter and to be working wonders”.


God’s Omniscience will not permit Him to utter what will not come to pass (as a promise or prophecy or prediction)


The Holy Scripture is filled with precepts prescriptions, principles, prophecies, practices. One must understand that all words given to men are for their good, so neglecting any word of God amounts to neglecting one’s destiny (Deut.5:32,33; 7:8,10; 11:26-28).


Likewise taking heed to God’s word is building one’s great future (Pro.3:1-4; 4:1-4, 10,20).


God’s word commands us to have faith in Him and in His words (cons. Heb.11:6;         ), In God’s word are the keys of success in every aspect of life. And the Lord Jesus advised His disciples to agree in prayers to record tremendous success.


HSCF: 230,232,233237 


We shall therefore agree on the following:


  1. Influx of sincere seekers into the Watchman church (Isa.2:2-3; Matt.3:5-8; 4:23-25).
  2. Financial sufficiency in the Movement (Hag.2:3; Deut.8:13)
  3. Breaking of yoke of barrenness and infertility (Exo.23:26; Ps.92:14)
  4. Breaking of curses/yokes of delayed/no marriage (Gen.2:15, 21-24)
  5. Breaking of yoke of premature death, near-success syndrome (Ps.91:14-16)
  6. Breaking of yoke of poverty and ancestral bondage (3Jn.2; 2Cor.9:9).
  7. Breaking of yoke of debilitating diseases/strange sicknesses (Exo.15:26; Ps.103:3; 91:3)
  8. Take your personal prayer requests to the Lord. Let’s proceed to thank the Lord for the answer to prayers


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