July 24, 2018


Passage: Josh. 21:43-45; 1Kgs. 8:54-57; Ps. 119:41-42, 65
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Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement




Texts:           Josh. 21:43-45; 1Kgs. 8:54-57; Ps. 119:41-42, 65


Our last Charismatic Hour message opened our eyes of understanding on the faithfulness of God, showing that He watches over His words to perform them (Jer. 1:11-12; Ezk. 12:25).  Instances of unusual and near impossible things that came to pass according to the word of God were reviewed.  Thereafter, we came to a conclusion that if the near impossible came to pass according to His word, then all the promises of God concerning us must come to pass as long as we keep to His principles.  The issue of tithes and offering in Mal. 3:10-12 and Lk. 6:38 where cited to challenge us in this respect.


Today, we will consider some testimonies of the elders to stir up our faith on the unfailing word of God


  1. Some Testimonies Of The Elders, In The Light Of Our Topic (Josh. 21:45; 1Kgs. 8:54-56).

At the mouth of two or more people, the scriptures say, every truth is established (Matt. 18:16).  Aside the unusual instances that prove the fact that God works according to His word, there are other instances proving that what God said of old, He did to the last detail.


The testimonies of Joshua in Josh. 21:45 and Solomon in 1Kgs. 8:56 are worthy of note.  According to them, AThere has not failed one word of all His good promises to His people, all came to pass@In other words, all happened according to His word.


We must take particular note of the phrases any good thing, in Josh. 21:45, and all His good promises in 1Kgs. 8:56.  This indicates that of all the promises of God, (good and bad) as the case may be, (see Deut. 28:1-2; 15) He (God) was more disposed in doing unto Israel according to His good promises.  This can be the testimony of the Watchmen this day in Jesus name. Though negative things may have been said of the LORD if we disobey His words, we stand by the good promises coming to pass in Jesus name.


  1. Some Good Promises Awaiting His Fulfilment In Our Time

In the light of the testimonies of the elders as seen above, there abound numerous good promises awaiting the Lord=s fulfilment in our time.  Exercising faith on them can make then become testimonies in our lips today.  Some of these promises are:


  • 23:25-27; Deut. 7:12-15: These scriptures may yet to be unfulfilled in the life of some of us, all such people should read between the lines and pray-in these promises word for word, asking that it be done unto them according to this word of God, and the good promises thereof.


  • 54:6-17; Matt. 16:18: Let us recall that we have been severally told that our homes are the smallest unit of the Church.  This being so, it follows then that the gate of hell cannot prevail against our homes, and no weapons formed against us shall prosper.


These scriptures are also parts of the good promises awaiting fulfillment in our lives according to the word of the Lord.  It may also be that these scriptures have addressed matters from different angles in our individual perspectives.  Shall we not declare to the Lord this day that it shall be unto us according to these His good promises as we consider them line after line tonight?


Surely we can share in these testimonies of the elders.  A...... there hath not failed one word of His good promises unto us, rather all have come to pass@.  Remember the promises are on the condition that we are His children, and obedient servants, serving Him with our resources: physically, materially, financially and otherwise. On this note His promises are sure.


Let=s therefore rise to declare in faith that we must testify as the elders did.                    HSCF:138

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